What is LunchCollider?

It's all about creating connections
with fellow scientists

Have you ever walked through R1 during lunchtime?... Undeniably. Have you seen these hundreads of people enjoying their meals, some with friends and some alone? So many unique identities. We speak so many different languages. We come from so many different places in the world. We have different education, professional experience, hobbies and plans for the future. Have you ever wondered how many of them could be your friends? How much could you learn from them?

Welcome to the LunchCollider, a place to make friends and exchange knowledge during the most fundamental human activity - having a meal.

Thanks to LunchCollider, you will be able to meet people from many different sections, groups, departments and experiments at CERN! You will make friends, exchange knowledge and ideas and hack some cool new theories with other CERNies that might change the world. Want to give it a try?

Mietek Dabrowski,
Piotr Nikiel,
Roberto Campesato,
Esther Zanon,
Simona Kriva,
Mayank Sharma